Setting the Display options

You can use the Options dialog box to change the window background and specify how images are zoomed.

To set the Display options:

  1. In Manage mode, click Tools | Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, click View Mode | Display.
  3. On the Display options page, set or change the options described below.
  4. Click OK to accept your changes and return to ACDSee Pro.

Display options


Default color

Uses the default ACDSee Pro color for the background in View and Process mode.

Custom color

Specifies a color to use as the background in View and Process mode.

Tiled image

Uses a tiled image as the background for View and Process mode. Click Browse to locate an image on your hard drive.

Zoom options

Default zoom mode

Specifies the default zoom level for images in View mode.

Reset zoom mode to default on every image change

Resets the zoom mode to the selected default when the displayed image changes.


Resizes the image based on the selected option. For more information about how these choices affect the Viewer, see Automatically shrinking or enlarging images.

The background color and tiled image options do not affect full screen mode.

To change the background color in ACDSee Quick View, open an image in Quick View, and then click Tools | Options.